Cinnamon Hearts Tiger Tea


50 grams

You know you've found the real thing when it makes you feel good all over. Cinnamon Hearts Tiger Tea brings you the same great spices of Tiger Tea, but with an extra dash of sweet and spicy Ceylon cinnamon we all know and love. 

Cinnamon is packed with sweet goodness like antioxidants, and research has shown it offers many health benefits including managing blood sugar levels.

With this tea you get the spicy pizazz you desire, along with the nourishment you need. Plus, there's no caffeine, sugar or anything artificial to ever let you down. the complete package! One sip & you'll know you were made for eachother. Grr-Yum!

Directions: Scoop a teaspoon of Cinnamon Hearts Tiger Tea  into infuser pot or cup, pour in 2 cups boiling water & brew 2 minutes. 

Goes great with honey and chunk of fresh peeled ginger root thrown right into your cup.

A 50 gram bag will make around 20 cups of tea.

Ingredients: Organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic turmeric, organic clove, organic fennel seeds, organic cardamom seeds, organic mint and organic star anise. No caffeine.

Fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients.

Visit our Be Fierce page to find out more about the amazing health benefits of drinking Tiger Tea. 

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