Golden Goddess: Tiger Tea Turmeric Latte September 22 2015


You’re going to fall madly in love with this divine beauty. Also known as Golden Milk, this smooth and silky turmeric latte is miraculously easy to make: all you need is Tiger Tea, milk and honey, and a yearning for blissful tranquility. The Golden Goddess has been brewed since ancient times to tame the tummy and calm the soul. But don’t be fooled by its sweet purity: it also combats the nastiest of winter colds. And the taste? Heavenly. With the warm fall flavours of cinnamon, cloves and cardamom mixed with milk, you could call this the real pumpkin spice latte (without all those artificial flavourings!)  Pure and delicious. Warm up with one on a chilly morning or cuddle up with one after dinner or before bed. It’s simply to die for.


1 t Tiger Tea (any flavour) 1 C boiling water

1 C steamed or boiled milk (nut, soy , hemp or cow)

1 T honey

Health boost: I T coconut oil.  

Extra cinnamon to sprinkle on top


1. Prep your cup with an infuser filled with your teaspoon of Tiger Tea.

2. Boil water & pour into cup. Let it brew 2 minutes.

3. Add honey & oil if using.

4. Meantime, steam milk (or boil on stovetop on high stirring constantly till it bubbles and froths—don’t leave it alone or it will burn.)

5. Pour frothy milk into tea, scooping froth on top if you like. Fancy it up with a sprinkle of cinnamon.