Awesome Anytime Iced Tiger Tea June 30 2015

Iced tea is great . But too much can get you buzzed.That’s not cool when you’re just looking to chill out with a refreshing beverage. The great thing about Iced Tiger Tea is that it’s healthy, refreshing AND caffeine-free! Plus, brewing your own means you can control the amount of sugar. Sweet! With Iced Tiger Tea you won't lose any sleep over sippin' all day. Clean, free of caffeine and bodaciously delicious. Awesome.

2 teaspoons Tiger Tea  (Original or Cinnamon Hearts flavours work best)

5 Cups boiling water

4 T honey or 2 T Agave syrup

Chunk of fresh peeled ginger root (optional)

Juice of 1/2 fresh sqeezed lemon


Add Tiger Tea in infuser teapot.

Pour boiling water into the pot through the infuser (make sure the water reaches over the bottom of the infuser so that your Tiger Tea is brewing in the water. )

 Add your sweetener type.

Add your ginger.

Put your pot of tea in fridge overnight to cool, (or pour tea mixture into other container with lid.)

The next day add lemon.

Pour over ice. Savour .

Other great additions: mint leaves; whole raspberries; mango slices (add them frozen!)