Fruit & Nut Zen Barley Salad with Tiger Tea Dressing April 01 2015

The bounty of flavours and textures in this dish balance so well, it is positively enlightened. Sweet & spicy, crunchy & chewy, the yin & yang experience will lift you to sensory nirvana. So hearty, a little will leave you full & deeply satisfied. Proof that differences can co-exist in harmony. 

We used dried apricots and almonds in this recipe for a delicate creamy crunch, but any combo will do like dried cranberries and walnuts, raisins and pecans, even cashews and dried cherries!  Mmmm...bliss.


½ C plain Greek yogurt

1 T honey

½ lemon, juiced

½ t Cinnamon Hearts Tiger Tea (or Original Tiger Tea with a dash of your own cinnamon)

Pinch of nutmeg & sea salt

 Barley Salad:

1 ½ C pearl barley  

4 ½ C water

1 t coconut oil

½ red onion diced

½ C sliced dried apricots

½ C slivered almonds

2 T chopped fresh parsley


Bring water to boil. Add barley. Fit with lid & simmer for around ½ hour or until the barley is a little chewy. Cool it down.

In the meantime, sauté onions in oil and let cool. 

Toss the barley with onions, fruit, nuts & parsley.

Whisk dressing ingredients well together and stir into the the barley salad.  Enjoy!

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