Tiger Tea Lassi Recipe: Carol’s “Wake-Up Call” September 16 2014

We picked this recipe up at the North Delta Firehall Farmers Market this weekend from one of our customers, Carol. We chatted about how great Tiger Tea would taste in different lassi and smoothie combinations. So we made this lassi this morning and it’s AMAZING! : With protein, probiotics, antioxidants and flavonoids, it settles the tummy while rousing the senses. With each sip you’ll pucker your lips and scream “WOO!”, and then go out and crush your day!

If you have a recipe you are using with Tiger Tea send it to us. We would love to publish it. We’ll even name it after you! Here’s Carols:

Carol’s Wake-Up Call Lassi with Tiger Tea.

½ cup plain , non-fat Balkan or Greek yogurt

1Tablespoon honey

1 chunk of peeled fresh ginger

½ lemon squeezed juice

½ teaspoon Tiger Tea (loose from the package straight in)

Put all ingredients in a blender & blend (low first, working up to high.)